12 Videos of Hot Girls Playing Wii


Girls who game are definitely sexy, but what about girls who game in their undies? There’s something special about a girl who can pull off a head shot in Halo, but when it comes down to it nothing can come close to a cute girl throwing some serious punches in a bikini. The Wii might not be our favorite console, but it does have it’s benefits. We’ve found the some of the best videos of hot girls playing Wii.

Jo Garcia Playing Wii Fit Montage

Playboy Cyber Girl Jo Garcia shows us how she keeps in such great shape in this Wii Fit montage video. She bends and stretches in tons of outfits showing off her toned figure as she stays in shape. We love her in pigtails and polka dots as well as with her sexy hair down in stripes. This video has that professional polish a lot of other YouTube videos lack with lots of sexy camera angles showing off a variety of hot moves.

Sexy Hula-Hoop

This chick makes the hula hoop game look like an art form as she swivels her hips in smooth round circles. She starts off really shaking her sensational asset and slows it down towards the end, really showing off her moves… and don’t miss that bounce at 0:06.

Hula Chic

The last video was sexy, but wouldn’t it have been great if she was wearing a thong? You won’t be disappointed watching this tan chic wearing a pink thong that looks like it might be one size too small. She really leans into it as she rotates her hips slowly, which doesn’t earn her a lot of points in the game, but we’d still give her a high score.

Playboy Cyber Girl Jo Garcia plays Wii Fit Snowboarding

Lucky us, Jo Garcia is back in little undies and a hot pink string bikini top. She rocks back and forth showing off her perfectly toned tummy as she plays the snowboarding game. Since there’s no other circumstance for a girl to snowboard in a bikini we never would have realized how sexy it can be if it weren’t for WiiFit.

Jo Garcia Yoga

Jo Garcia isn’t just shaking it this time, but really showing us how limber and flexible she is. This video shows off her strong toned body as she does yoga moves. All of the poses are incredibly sexy… although our favorite would have to be downward facing dog.

Sexy Blond Wii Boxing

What could be hotter than a sexy blond in a bikini having a good time? This bikini clad beauty smiles and giggles while she shakes up her wiimotes. Her comment “Oh yeah, take that” is painfully sexy which she follows up of course by jumping up and down upon victory.

Blond with back dimples Boxing

This feisty girl-next-door seems like she knows how to have some fun… and like someone you shouldn’t mess with. Watch her pretty blond hair bounce over her irresistibly cute back dimples as she plays Wii Boxing. She’s pretty good at it, which is great because she keeps turning toward the camera to flash that cute smile with every victory.

Paige and Jessika on the Wii

Things get heated when two brunettes complete in Wii Tennis. The girl on the right brings that nice girl charm in a cut pink dress while the girl on the left has that sexy bad girl look to her. We’re not sure who wins the game but we think that white tank top + black bra = win.

Wii Love Bikini

Remember that cute blond in the bikini playing boxing? How could anyone forget? Well she’s back in this video, playing even more games. She’s as excited as ever to win, bouncing up and down with each victory. Our only gripe is how often they cut back to the TV.

Emma Frain WiiFit Bikini

This busty babe shakes things up in a cute string bikini playing Wii Fit. This video shows off everything she’s got from a lot of different angles so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Weird Amazing Facts Wii Fit Video

You don’t have to hide the fact that you’re watching this video from your girlfriend because it’s educational. This cute mid-driff baring blondie teaches you fun trivia facts while she plays Wii Fit yoga. Watch her stretch and flex while she tells you things like “If you’re a scuba diver and go 33 feet or below, because of the effects of the pressure, you can’t pass gas.” Smart AND beautiful!

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