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RVCA Puffer Fleece

RVCA have made a piece of outerwear that's basically the bastard child between a down vest and a hoodie zip-up. We think they've pulled it off. A decidedly different approach to the fleece, it combines these two classic warm garments into a jacket that stands out from the crowd. And while vests have never fully recovered ... continue reading
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ALKR Urban Briefcase

Sometimes life calls for a bag that's more pro than a messenger pack but not so "fine leather formal" that you look like you're coming from Gosford Park. ALKR's Urban Briefcase is that happy middle ground. With pockets and compartments for your laptop, documents, credit cards, pens, phone, camera, and like 49 other ... continue reading
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The Great Outdoors Sale SHOP

Real men don't spend their entire summer in air-conditioned comfort. The warm weather and abundant sunshine make this time of year the perfect to go exploring the great outdoors, and right now is the time to gear up to do so. From now until 7/28/14 you'll save 16% on all the outdoor gear we've rounded up in this curated collection. So ditch the couch for a weekend, lace up your boot and get outside. ... check it out
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Cast Resin Horns & Antlers

We're guessing you haven't gone out and successfully killed a large quadruped like a moose or a antelope. If you're like us, the only things you've killed are vermin, mosquitos, and to extend it into the metaphorical sense, your chances with a cute girl by saying a very awkward thing. But back to these Horns and Antlers: ... continue reading
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Lum-Tec Combat B4 Watch

Lum-Tec Combat B4 may sound like a fictional gun from a James Cameron movie but it's a watch. Before you're disappointed, have a look--all their watches feature a luminescence technology that blows Indiglo out of the water. They use "superluminova photoluminescence" (yay syllables!) in their MDV Technology, which produces ... continue reading
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Seabreacher X

It's a shark-shaped personal watercraft thingy that can do 50 mph above water and then dive down like a damn submarine and do 25 mph under the water. If your mind is not completely blown right now with childlike glee, something is wrong with you. Or maybe you're dead. Or a robot. Either way, the Seabreacher X does ... continue reading
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Abercrombie & Fitch Mount Marcy Khaki Pants

Disregard Abercrombie's um, questionable retail aesthetic for a second, what with it's topless male ab monkeys brand reps, choking perfumed air and pumping David Guetta tracks. Fact of the matter is, some of their threads are pretty sweet. Take the Mount Marcy pants for instance. Lightweight khaki, drawstring waist, ... continue reading
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Helm Bag

While Helm is known for their shoes, we were grabbed by their bags. Initially designed to carry aforementioned shoes, they're definitely diminutive compared to your average bag but by no means do they deserve disrespect. And while they may look like the bastard offspring of a weekend duffel and a toiletry bag, they ... continue reading
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Julie Boyles Leather iPad Case

Sure those DoDo iPad cases are the hottest thing on the market right now, like some kind of Tickle Me Elmo for adults. But frankly, we prefer a handmade leather case like these from Etsy seller Julie Boyles. It's not trying to be something it isn't (a Moleskine), and instead just works really well as being a stylish, ... continue reading
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Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

When you read "Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler", what occurs to you? Ok, besides "It'll hold 54 quarts of beer". Wait, that's the only thing that comes to mind? Ok, well guess we can't exactly fault you on that one, but let us fill you in on some other bits. It's steel-belted, obviously, which means this thing ... continue reading
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Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

Imagine that you're in a life-or death situation against the clock where you need to unscrew something, cut something, saw something, unscrew something else, repair a set of eyeglasses, and open a bottle of beer. Disregarding how absurd this situation would be, the Utili-Key would be all you need to emerge unscathed, ... continue reading
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Boog Boa Push iPad Bag

Even though the iPad is little more than the result of an iPod Touch getting a Macbook really drunk and convincing it to come back to it's dorm room, it's a device that deserves a bit more than just a simple protective case. Boog's Boa Push bag qualifies as a bit more: made of soft Twylon and Nappa leather, it's a ... continue reading
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Icon Paintings by LowLevel

Etsy user LowLevel has made an awesome set of colorful stenciled paintings, each one featuring a historical icon: Fidel Castro, Jack Kerouac, Frank Sinatra, Hunter S. Thompson, etc. Each icon is stenciled relief with an appropriate background, and the visual puns are numerous. The colors are funky and retro, and they ... continue reading
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Ocean Green Surfboards

If you're a surfer, you likely ride on a polyurethane or polystyrene core board. It'll come as no surprise that these boards break. When they do, that polyurethane or polystyrene core ends up in a landfill (a board in two pieces isn't exactly useful in the water), and thus begins it's biodegrading. Except that doesn't ... continue reading
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Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera

Back when cameras took pictures on this weird ribbony stuff called film, taking good photos took practice and talent. But as the digital cameras have come of age and their prices fallen from levels requiring the sale of an organ to something more accessible, taking great photos has become easier than ever. Nikon's ... continue reading