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Sons of Britches Raw Denim Jeans

Besides the pun in the name, there's a lot to like about these jeans. They're made from high quality California raw denim and engineered to withstand the rigors of a stunt man's regimen of bodily harm and personal jeopardy. Now we're not stunt men by any means. In fact, we're almost the furthest thing away from a ... continue reading
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Drinkwel Is The Multivitamin For People Who Drink SPONSORED

We down green drinks, work at standing desks and mess around with kettlebells to stay in shape, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy knocking a few back at happy hour. Drinkwel is the multivitamin especially designed for guys who drink. The multivitamin was developed by two Berkeley grads to replenish nutrients, support liver health and process alcohol induced toxins so you can feel better about having those Double IPAs after you finish your run. Try it out, and if you aren't satisfied, they'll give you your money back, including shipping. ... check it out
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Vers Hand-Crafted Shellcase

There are cases for your iPad, and then there are Cases for your iPad. This is one of the latter. Handmade out of US-grown hardwood or bamboo and reinforced with steel, these cases are attractive enough to hang on the wall. It's the kind of thing where you get it in the mail and decide it's just too pretty to actually ... continue reading
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Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art

We have a deep appreciation for uncommissioned urban art, which is an impressive way of saying "graffiti". This appreciation may have started with using Mr. Sketch scented markers to doodle on the insides of our 3rd grade textbooks, or maybe it was the standard dicks-on-bathroom-walls motif in our high school years. ... continue reading
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Owen Freeman’s Illustrations

Owen Freeman's illustrations are the kind of art that's more pleasing to look at than the images that inspired them. He uses rich, saturated colors and digital painting over stark ink sketches create a surreal depiction of recognizable people and places. They're the kind of art you end up staring at without being ... continue reading

Jack Purcell Garment Dye Sneakers

Ah, Converse. It's like they happened upon the perfect sneaker design decades before they were supposed to, and now it's predictably stuck around for most of the 20th century. Jack Purcells are a timeless favorite these days--even though most people wearing them think Jack Purcell is a small, terrier-like dog--and ... continue reading
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EdgeStar Mini Kegerator

Lethargy runs naturally in the male population. We're predisposed to sit down on a couch, and when we do, it takes a lot to get us off it (usually sexual relations, alcohol, or a house fire are popular reasons). And speaking of alcohol, sometimes getting up and going to the fridge to re-beer yourself can seem like ... continue reading
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Diesel Digital DZ7172

DZ7172 is perhaps the most evocative, poetic product name ever devised. As you can see, the watch is equally as poetic in form. It has lots of curves, perhaps recalling a Degas nude, a blown glass vase, or maybe just a circle. Ok, so we're bad at sarcasm. But we think Diesel's new watch is a good one, with a modern, ... continue reading
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Obey Standard Duffle Pack

Duffle bags are cool. They're used by the military, they look way more bad-ass than those rolling suitcases, they're used in movies to hold stacks of cash, drugs, guns, nukes, body parts, the list goes on. But let's face it, walking with a duffle bag down what seems like 8 miles of airport terminal is tiresome. Obey's ... continue reading
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Mine and Yours Shot Glasses

Unlike any other Mine/Yours combos--towels, bathrobes, Audis--these Mine/Yours shot glasses are actually cool. The obvious joke will amuse your friend getting the whiskey in the 1.5 oz. "Yours" glass. That is, of course, until you get absolutely wasted off your super-sized 4 oz. glass and your friend has be the designated ... continue reading
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Reveal Bamboo Watch

Bamboo has come to the fore on the wave of green trends. It's that wood that's readily abundant, pretty to look at, and has many applications. And now we can add watchmaking to them: Reveal's Bamboo watch uses the wood in the housing and band, creating a look that's decidedly different while remaining classic and sharp. ... continue reading
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Etymotic Custom-Fit Earbud Program

Etymotic takes things seriously. They've started an earbud customization program that allows you to create impressions of your ear canal that translate into perfectly fitted earbuds. Considering most earbuds come with either a) nothing to fit them properly at all (looking at you, Apple) or b) a little rubber nubs that ... continue reading
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