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Whiskey Barrel Flooring

In our opinion, wood floors are the only way to go. They're beautiful and classy... like Demi Moore, while something like linoleum is cheap and easy... like Lindsey Lohan. But not all wood floors are created equal. Reclaimed wood, which carries with it the beauty that's only found with age, is already by and large ... continue reading
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Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Makeover SPONSORED

Season after season, Nice Laundry churns out the cleanest, most edited collection of socks out there. Their Spring/Summer 2015 collection just launched and the highlight is their “Sock Drawer Makeover," which is 18 pairs of fresh, high-quality socks for just $99 with free shipping. That's a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else. Plus, they’ll recycle all of your old socks for free—whether you’re a Wild Child or a Dreamer, that’s some Spring Cleaning you’ll actually do this year. Cool Material readers can even receive a special, limited-edition bonus pair with their first order. ... check it out
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SwitchEasy Cara iPad Case

If a ninja turtle was dipped in black shiny armor gloss and given the sole purpose of protecting your prized electronic possession, the result would be something very much like Cara iPad case by SwitchEasy. The Cara case protects the iPad all the way around, with a sleek and glossy polycarbonate screen protector as ... continue reading
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“Fast & Furious” 1970 Dodge Charger

We all saw the movies: good looking white guy with constantly furrowed brow chases much more badass non-white guy by driving tricked out import cars and racing on the streets of cities near and far. Truth be told, the cars in the Fast and the Furious movies were by far the most (only?) compelling reason to see the ... continue reading
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Porn Versions of Classic Films

The porn industry has a truly impressive talent for taking the seemingly innocuous titles of popular movies--titles absent of sexual innuendo--and somehow change a letter or two resulting in something that makes men grin and nuns faint. Well turns out that talent is just sort of genetically imbedded in some of ... continue reading
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Bill Murray Art

The enigmatic and reclusive Bill Murray has a cinematic Midas touch. From Caddyshack to The Life Aquatic, the man doesn't really go wrong (we give him a freebie on Garfield). Los Angeles' R&R Gallery is commemorating The Murray with a series of works by prominent and up and coming artists. The works are varied ... continue reading
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Need Supply Co. Down Vest

Two things occured to us when we saw Need Suuply Co.'s down vest. First, yes, we would like to have it. Second, it's going to be pretty tough to make it through this description without making a Back to the Future joke. To speak to the first one, a good down vest is a must have for the cooler months. Simple, functional, ... continue reading
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Beat Box Portable Music System

Back when MP3 players were relatively new, a wave of portable music systems came out capitalizing on the trend. These little plastic things ran off a couple of batteries, or perhaps just a big wound up rubber band, and could be toted to the beach, the tailgate, or anywhere that could benefit from some tunes. Unfortunately, ... continue reading
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Glif iPhone 4 Tripod

The iPhone 4 has pretty great camera and video capabilities. What's not pretty great is shooting a blurry photo or shaky video because you've had seven gin and tonics and you can't really stand up let alone hold the iPhone steady. Enter the Glif. It allows you to affix your iPhone to a tripod--not that you bring ... continue reading

50 Cars To Drive

Men don't throw around the world "love" a lot, but when we do it's almost invariably in reference to a car. Ok, maaaaaybe a significant other. Maybe. Long story short: we love cars, they love us. And while our Honda Accord is wonderfully practical, "practical" isn't what draws us to the automobile. Beauty, speed, ... continue reading
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DODObag for the iPad

When Apple's magical, revolutionary, made-from-unicorn-farts iPad hit the market, case makers went into overdrive. One case soon stood out from the rest: the DODOcase, with it's simple Moleskine-esque black cover and firey red inside, it soon was in demand in a way that made it basically impossible to buy one. The ... continue reading
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Every time we log on to Amazon.com, they throw all these "Products You Also Might Like" at us. Invariably, they have something to do with the female form, booze, sports and/or military history, shaving cream, and feather headdresses. We're not sure what Amazon was smoking with the headdresses, but otherwise they've ... continue reading
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Bose VideoWave System

Bose Audio is known for... well, audio. You've probably wandered in to one of their showrooms and been impressed by the big sound coming from a set of speakers the size of sugar cubes. We're not sure how they do this--elfish pixie dust, probably--but the results speak for themselves. Bose has now decided to get into ... continue reading
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The New Brooklyn Cookbook

It's a widely accepted fact that Brooklyn is a great place. It's the cooler, laid-back younger brother to Manhattan. It's got fantastic bars, great restaurants, and it's almost affordable. Even Victoria and David Beckham were smitten by it, naming their first child after the cit... you know what, nevermind. Forget ... continue reading
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City Coat Rack

A coat rack is one of those things that's usually pretty simple - a standard hook or set of hooks affixed to the wall in a nondescript way. Or, if you're in college, a handful of ten-penny carpenter nails hammered haphazardly into the sheetrock. The coat rack deserves more respect than that though, as the folks at ... continue reading
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