WeWood Date Watch

Aluminum is recyclable and flexible. Steel is cold and hard. But wood, wood has a character unlike any other material. Wewood channeled all the excellent aspects of wood: the grain, the natural feel and its hypo-allergenic properties and paired it with an analog Miyota movement to turn it into one of the most unconventional ... continue reading
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WeWood Jupiter Watch

There isn't too much to say about wooden watches that you don't already know. They're interesting, different, au naturale and a great way to add a little green "pop" to your gear without sacrificing functionality or cool factor. This WeWood Jupiter Watch is all of those things and more. Along with everything you’ve ... continue reading
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The Great Outdoors Sale SHOP

Real men don't spend their entire summer in air-conditioned comfort. The warm weather and abundant sunshine make this time of year the perfect to go exploring the great outdoors, and right now is the time to gear up to do so. From now until 7/28/14 you'll save 16% on all the outdoor gear we've rounded up in this curated collection. So ditch the couch for a weekend, lace up your boot and get outside. ... check it out
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Kiso Ashtray

If you're still one of those much maligned nicotine holdouts, you might as well partake stylishly. Zippos are great for starting the fire, but you still need something for the ash. The Kiso Ashtray is literally the most concrete solution. The ashtray is divided into three separate concrete rooms and includes stairs ... continue reading
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Rechargeable Card Speaker

Outside of the credit cards you use to purchase all those "must have" apps, it's hard to find anything wallet sized that will improve your phone experience... except for this silver rechargeable card speaker. The 3.3" x 2.2" stainless silver speaker charges in two hours from any USB port and then outputs five hours ... continue reading
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Bacon Maple Ale

Bacon, maple syrup and beer (otherwise known as the perfect breakfast) have come together to create one unholy, yet highly delicious substance. Bacon Maple Ale, the result of a collaboration between Voodoo Donut and Rogue, goes well with donuts or pork—or perhaps donuts covered in pork if you’re into that sort ... continue reading
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Best. Bottle Openers. Ever.

In addition to our watch addiction, we have a thing for bottle openers. We generally pass on the talking cartoon characters and ones that look like body parts (only because we still have so many from college) and only seek out stuff that’s really worth showing off. We’re especially into gear that has more than ... continue reading
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Thanks to Jarritos for making this post possible, for more information on Jarritos and all the new flavors, check out Jarritos.com.

Nikon Lens USB Speaker

We’re no strangers to creative speakers or cool photography inspired gear, so obviously a speaker that looks like a Nikon Lens isn’t going to fly under our radar. (Even if it is on eBay.) At first glance the Nikon Lens USB Speaker really looks just like a Nikon lens, until you notice the play and skip buttons. ... continue reading

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

If we didn’t know better, we would have thought that the release of Steve Jobs’ biography so soon after his death was some kind of brilliantly timed Apple marketing move. In a way, it kind of was considering that Jobs asked Walter Isaacson to write his biography after he became ill in 2009. But despite the fact ... continue reading
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Lytro Camera

Look, there’s only so much Photoshop can do to fix a crappy photo. Even with that new un-blur thing Adobe just announced it still can’t account for your inability to focus. Basically that means if you’re too drunk to hold the camera steady you’re fine, but if you were too drunk to set your lens correctly when ... continue reading

Droid Razr

Back before touch screens, Angry Birds or internet connections measured in Gs, the Razr was the phone to have. Now Motorola’s bringing back the Razr name for a phone that’s sure to be just as desirable. True to its name, the Droid Razr is crazy thin—yes, even thinner than the iPhone 4. It’s also crazy fast, ... continue reading
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ZAL Creations Lighting

Despite what the name implies, a man cave needs good lighting. So if you’re still using the same $10 Ikea lamp (okay, free since you technically stole it from your roommate) from your first apartment, it’s time to grow up and get something with a bit more personality (and maybe apologize to Dave for stealing his ... continue reading
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The King of Legoland

We sold off most of our old toys on eBay for beer money long ago, and while we're not saying we regret the decision, this video by Micaël Reynaud definitely brings back a little pang of nostalgia. Set to music by Hunting Charlie's Band(e), this 2 minute video shows off most of the transformers, LEGOs and matchbox ... continue reading
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STEAL: Puma Sale – 30% Off

It’s October, so there’s really only two holidays to look forward to before every radio station starts playing Christmas music—the one when girls wear “sexy blank” costumes, and the one when all the banks are closed but we still have to work. On the bright side, Columbus Day does usually mean good sales. ... continue reading
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STEAL: Star USA by John Varvatos Accessories on Sale

Head over to HauteLook for a fantastic deal on Star USA by John Varvatos accessories.You’ll find wallets, laptop bags, duffel bags, belts and more—all on sale for around 58% off. We know that our readers are no strangers to John Varvatos or his work, so we’re not going to waste you time talking this up—just ... continue reading
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