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The Casper Mattress SPONSORED

Few things will improve your life like getting a good night's sleep. Problem is, while you can hit the lights and turn off the TV early, the wrong mattress will sabotage all your efforts. That's why it's time for the Casper mattress. Developed by a team of engineers with experience from IDEO, the Casper mattress offers ... continue reading
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Vinyl Me, Please Sends You Special-Edition Records Every Month SPONSORED

Say hello to the best damn record club around. Vinyl Me, Please delivers special-edition album pressings right to your door that you'll acutally want to hear. Each comes with original 12" x 12" album-inspired artwork and a custom cocktail pairing so you can enjoy a drink when you listen. Basically, it's Record Store Day without the lines and with free delivery. Past selections have included albums from War on Drugs, Madvillain, and more. Join the community of fellow music lovers and get your next favorite album delivered right to your doorstep. Purchase a membership today. ... check it out
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Aviator Shorts from Ministry of Supply – A Smarter Pair of Shorts SPONSORED

At some point, guys adopted basketball shorts as appropriate summer attire because of comfort. It's time for a pair of shorts more presentable with the same relaxed feel; it's time for the Aviator Shorts from Ministry of Supply. Thanks to 4-way stretch material and a clever design, the Aviator Shorts will move with you effortlessly. Each pair wicks away moisture to keep you dry, features a urethane waistband that keep shirts tucked in, and is coated with a water-resistant polymer that causes water to bead upon contact. Finally a pair of good-looking shorts that don't feel and act like cardboard. ... check it out
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Skull Key Multi-Tool SHOP

The Skull Key Tool is a simple, key-shaped tools that attach to your key ring, so it's always at hand when you need them. This product's clever design incorporates each of the following functions: a file, a #2 flat-head screwdriver, a scoring point, a serrated edge, and, a bottle opener. Made of durable stainless steel it would be a solid addition to any key ring. ... check it out
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Microsoft HoloLens Hologram Headset

The Microsoft HoloLens - a headset with see-through lens that lets its wearer augment their world with apps, games, and other information. HoloLens gives users the ability to blend high-definition holograms with every day tasks using any app that a Windows 10 PC or phone would be able to use. Backed with spatial sound ... continue reading
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Leonardo DiCaprio

At 40, Leonardo DiCaprio shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, and this may sound crazy to say about an actor who has been in so many tremendous films, he’s really just coming into his own. Think about it, some of his most complex and interesting characters have been ones in recent films. We don’t know if he’ll ... continue reading

Matthew McConaughey

It was 2012 when Matthew McConaughey starred in Mud. He wasn’t playing the lead in a romantic comedy or slinging pigskins in some Texas-tanned skin, he was getting serious about his craft. After it, McConaughey went on to win awards for his role in Dallas Buyers Club and steal the show with his chest-pounding performance ... continue reading

Chris Pratt

The only thing wrong with Chris Pratt’s year is that he wasn’t cast in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If he had been, he would have been in the three highest grossing movies of the year. As it is, Burt Macklin had to settle for just two of the top three (Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie). The longtime ... continue reading

Derek Jeter

The Captain took a curtain call this year, and everyone, even some in Boston, tipped their cap. Admit it, those Re2pect commercials were pretty awesome, and hearing the bleacher creatures chanting his name for the last time was pretty cool. He’s the player who did things the right way in an era when many didn’t. ... continue reading

Anthony Bourdain

While there are some tremendously successful guys on this list, if we had to select one we’d most like to swap spots with, it would be Anthony Bourdain. He’s like food journalism’s Hunter S. Thompson. (Garbanzo journalism?) Parts Unknown was better than ever this year, as he took home a Peabody for his trips ... continue reading

Robert Downey Jr

His is the story of redemption, of a man who conquered his demons to become the biggest movie star in the world. Okay, The Judge probably wasn’t his best film, but we’re not holding it against Tony Stark. With The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War on the way, RDJ has some heavy-hitters on deck. Oh, ... continue reading

Peter Dinklage

There are approximately 6 billion characters in Game of Thrones, and George R.R. Martin seems all too eager to kill off the ones we love the most. We take these lumps and keep on reading and watching, but if he lays a deadly ballpoint to our beloved Tyrion, bearded heads with funny hats are gonna roll. Peter Dinklage’s ... continue reading

Kanye West

You don’t like Kanye West. He married a Kardashian, his sneakers are expensive and weird, and years of his confrontational tone has finally gotten to you. We won’t argue, but we will say he’s still one of the most creative and innovative people in music. In fact, he’s just a creative person in general. And ... continue reading

Elon Musk

Scenario: Life on earth is coming to an end. We have to select one person to solve whatever the issue may be that’s about to wipe us out. Our survival rests upon this one person’s shoulders. Who do we choose? Well, we don’t know about you, but we’d cast our vote for Elon Musk. He’s the brilliant kid from ... continue reading

Tim Howard

For about a month, America cared about soccer. Actually, ‘cared’ is too mild of a word for the deafening ‘I believe that we will win’ chants that spilled out of bars across the country. And as Americans looked for a hero on par with the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar, they found one in Tim Howard. Far ... continue reading

Joaquin Phoenix

Every generation has an actor who is insanely talented and has an eye for the right projects. For this generation, that actor might just be Joaquin Phoenix. Just look at his credits from the last few years: Her, The Master, Walk the Line. Now we get Inherent Vice, a comedy which somehow still oozes cool like an overcooked ... continue reading