Decked Out: Zombie Apocalypse

Unless you’ve been hibernating in your underground bunker for the last few weeks, you’re well aware that the zombie apocalypse is upon us (just like the Mayans predicted). We’re no suckers, we know there are a few steps we’ve got to take before any Walkers coming strolling into our neck of the woods. Besides ... continue reading
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Key Suspension Clip

As ingenious as it is tiny, this spring tempered stainless key suspension clip is the solution to a problem you've been ignoring for far too long - losing your keys in your cavernous bag or pants pocket. Attach your keys, thumb drives, flashlight or anything else with a ring to the key suspension clip and then clip ... continue reading
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Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Makeover SPONSORED

After Nice Laundry launched their Spring/Summer 2014 collection, they sold out of things within 24 hours. Now that they're are back in stock, grab as much as you possibly can before they're long gone. Check out their "Sock Drawer Makeover", which is 18 pairs of fresh, high-quality socks for $99 with free shipping, a fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere. Plus, they'll recycle all of your old socks for free--whether you're a Rebel or a Prepster, that's some Spring Cleaning you'll actually do this year. Cool Material readers can receive a special, limited-edition bonus pair with their first order. ... check it out
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Chances are you don't clip coupons, you don't load up on "Buy One Get One Free" Beefaroni and you don't know what today's special value was on QVC. (Storage containers by the way.) Sure, if you're making a big purchase you compare prices and try to get the best deal, but with most of the little gadgets and gizmos ... continue reading
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STEAL: Big Sale on Tools up to 63% Off

If you’re looking to expand your toolbox then you can’t pass up these great deals. The Alligator Lopper by Black & Decker makes it easy to cut through pretty much anything. Usually priced around 200 bones, this monster of a tool is on sale for $70. Also on sale for 50% off, the Smith and Wesson Galaxy Elite Tactical ... continue reading
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Triple Aught Design Dispatch Bag

All bags are not created equal. Some bags are for business meetings, and some bags are for making a statement. The Triple Aught Design Dispatch Bag is for stealth incursions into less than safe countries, Sam Fisher / Jack Bauer / insert other secret agent here style. It's constructed from bleeding edge military-spec ... continue reading
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Whenever you’re trying to fix something in a cramped, dark area – be it under the hood of your car, behind your entertainment unit, where ever – the trickiest part is usually not the work itself, but rather just seeing what you’re doing.  Sure, you can attempt to cradle a flashlight under your chin or strap ... continue reading
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Sixpack France Packed T-shirt

Designed by graffiti artist turned graphic designer Finsta, the Sixpack France Packed T-shirt features a hand-draw illustration of a few essential items. Light travelers and backpackers can appreciate the simplicity of only carrying a journal, sunglasses, a flashlight, some cigarettes and a few other things to get ... continue reading
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Stanley 95-891 Heavy Duty Clamp Light

Known for innovation and strength in hand tools Stanley has improved on one of the most basic essential shop tools: the flashlight. The Stanley Heavy Duty Clamp Light improves a hefty flashlight by adding a clamp to it that's perfect for gripping to ceiling beams, joists and table tops. The head rotates 360 degrees ... continue reading
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Blackfire Clamplight

We can think of at least a dozen jobs that required three hands we've been stuck doing with a flashlight. But there's no need to carry around a huge tripod light in the back of your truck when you can have a compact strong LED light that clamps anywhere. The Blackfire Clamplight hooks right to your belt or fits in ... continue reading
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Kitanica Mark I Jacket

If it's good enough for Mythbuster's Adam Savage, it's good enough for us. You gotta figure a guy who almost blows himself up once a week knows a thing or two about a durable jacket. The Kitanica Mark I Jacket boasts some key tactical clothing features, like a flashlight mount, endless amounts of straps, 8 pockets ... continue reading
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Tool Logic SL Pro 2

You'll want to get lost in the woods with the Tool Logic SL Pro 2 - just to put it to good use. The multifunctional tool offers a 3-inch 50/50 serrated blade, loud emergency signal whistle and a brilliant white LED flashlight with magnesium alloy fire starter. Did you hear that? A fiiiiiire starter! Contained in a ... continue reading
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Eton FR500 Solarlink

Never be entirely off the grid with the Eton FR500 Solarlink. No matter what the emergency this little 3 lb lifesaver has got you covered. It's got an AM/FM shortwave radio, a flashlight, emergency beacon and emergency siren. You can also use it to charge your cell phone or MP3 player. It runs on battery or AC power ... continue reading
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Car Emergency Kit

Other than the car you drive, and the size of your home entertainment system one of the true measures of your masculinity is how prepared you are for roadside emergencies. With an air compressor, booster cables, screwdrivers, pliers, flashlight, tow rope and more, the Eddie Bauer Car Emergency kit provides everything ... continue reading
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Ultimate Survival Kit in a Water Bottle

There are a countless number of disastrous reasons you should own the Ultimate Survival Kit in a Water Bottle. A few that come to mind: a hiking trip gone horribly wrong, getting kicked out of your girlfriend's place and living out of your car, and of course, zombies. This water bottle comes packed with a first aid ... continue reading
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Casio GzOne Boulder Cell Phone

New from Casio, the GzOne Boulder cell phone is the ultimate tool for every outdoorsman. The GPS and electronic compass will keep you on the right track. Enjoy your favorite music with the mp3 audio player, with an optional microSD slot to carry all the tunes you want. You also get a 1.3 megapixel camera, flashlight, ... continue reading
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